Custom page layout names

There are three names associated with one page layout. As you are creating a new page layout, you’re asked to give it a name. It becomes both the Title and Name of the layout. And the content type you used to create the layout becomes the third name associated with it.

Page layout name

This is the name of both ASPX and HTML files that got created when a new layout is created. To follow the best practice, we use TitleCaseWithNoSpace.

Page layout title

By default, the title field copied the name. However, you can choose to have something more descriptive and human readable as the title. Below is a view of some existing page layouts in SharePoint Designer 2013. All the layouts have a different title to their name.

To change the title, go to Design Manager > Edit Page Layouts, and follow the clicks as highlighted below.


Content type name

Once a page layout is published, it appears in the Pages libraries of the site collection. As you click the New button in a Pages library, you will see the new content type, that you created the layout with, is added to the list.

One content type can be associated with multiple page layouts.


Content type: Article Page

Page Layout names: ArticleLeft.aspx, ArticleRight.aspx, ArticleLinks.aspx

Page Layout titles: Image on left, Image on right; Summary links


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