What’s missing in the new experience (for document libraries)

I recently turned on the new experience for all my sites and wanted to do a comparison between the new and classic mode. While the new experience is the way moving forward, there are a lot of things that we used to have in classic mode are not yet been made available in the new experience.

Here I found a comprehensive list on the Microsoft website: Differences between the new document library experience and classic mode

Features available only in classic mode

The Ribbon

  • The Ribbon itself
  • Certain features available through the Ribbon:
    • Popularity trends
    • Tags & Notes
    • Quick Edit
    • RSS Feed
    • Most Popular Items
    • Connect to Outlook
    • Connect to Office
    • Export to Excel
    • Form Web Parts
    • Edit Library
    • New Quick Step
    • Declare Record
    • Send To
    • Follow

View features

  • Item totals
  • Custom styles (such as Basic Table or Document Details)

Navigation features

  • Tree view
  • Metadata navigation and filtering
  • Managed navigation
  • Per-location views
  • Customized navigation links on publishing sites

Library features

  • External data columns
  • Geolocation columns
  • Content organizer
  • Follow feature
  • View in File Explorer (opens library in classic view, but switches back to the new experience the next time you browse to the library).


  • Minimal Download Strategy (MDS)
  • SharePoint Server Publishing
  • JSLink code on fields or views
  • CustomActions that include ScriptBlock or ScriptSrc properties
    CustomActions that do not include ScriptBlock or ScriptSrc properties will continue to work as expected

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